Sunday 5 June 2022

Flash Single Review: Baby Blue Whale - Claudia Robin Gunn

I absolutely love this; the latest piece of pop perfection supplied courtesy of the very talented and highly prolific Claudia Robin Gunn. I'm referring to her recent single "Baby Blue Whale" a gentle and thought-provoking song which ebbs and flows like the waves of the ocean. There's more to this song than meets the ear, as it represents just a small piece of a much bigger picture on display here, but more on that later.

The song opens with a highly melodic acoustic guitar which set the scene for the arrival of the vocals which begin interestingly on the chorus. The song features a sparse rhythm section with the drums pulsating like a heartbeat, and the bass exploring the space in-between. 

The lyrics are simple and descriptive, and the vocal scan leaves enough space for the guitar to create the type of atmospheric soundscapes often heard on Brian Eno albums. This whaling adventure is clearly a family affair with a brief mention of 'Mama Blue Whale', before the song disappears into that good night with a feast of swirling guitars left in its wake.

The song is taken from the forthcoming album - Sing For the Sea - Little Wild Ocean Friends, which includes some of her finest work to date. Featuring twenty four original songs which celebrate our breathtaking oceans and the variety of creatures that call it home. Created with funding from Creative New Zealand, this is the first of a two phase project which focuses on wildlife conservation and awareness. Soon to be followed by Sing for the Earth - Little Wild Animals.

Claudia Robin Gunn is an artist that cares, a true poet and tunesmith who captures the imagination and stirs the senses with her work. She has an ability to create musical soundscapes that resonate deeply with her audience. She is an artist on a mission, who utilises her art, in order to both raise awareness and entertain, providing a deep emotional connection with her ever-increasing fan base. 

Claudia Robin Gunn - an artist on a mission.

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