Monday, 6 April 2015

Video Review: Prawn Crackers by Electric Lunchbox

Who would have thought Chinese food could provide the theme for a successful kids' song?  It has though in the form of “Prawn Crackers” by the highly innovative band Electric Lunchbox.  In fact the song was so successful that it nabbed a top ten spot in the 2011 Australian Songwriting Contest – no mean feat.  The song itself is taken from the band’s self titled debut album, featuring an eclectic mix of influences including fifties Rockabilly and Motown.

“Prawn Crackers” is not only a good song it is also a remarkably innovative video.  It begins with some percussive drumming accompanied by crunchy power chords to match the mood.  This is followed by a marching sequence, where a variety of food products seemingly float across the screen.

There is also no shortage of special effects used on the video.   Whether the band is swinging on noodles, marching on rice or being attacked by spring rolls, there is clearly a lot going on.  The facial gestures of lead vocalist Jayde Bond captures the almost child like longing for her favourite dish, so that when she says ‘yes please’ she looks like she really means it.  In fact the hand gestures and movements of key members Jayde and Steve, manage to replicate childish enthusiasm very effectively.

The inclusion of some delightful children’s backing vocals is another welcome addition to both song and video.  The way in which children pop up throughout the video, whether they are marching, spinning around the screen or dancing on prawn crackers flying through the air (yes this really happens), is very effective.  At around two minutes in length clearly a lot has been crammed into this video, and there is literally never a dull moment.

The video is highly entertaining and a must watch by a superb Australian kids’ band, who have played throughout Australia to great reviews.  I saw them perform at the Rhymes Kids Music Festival and they are a pretty formidable live unit.  They have also released a follow up album entitled Hey which I’m sure, judging by their earlier material, is well worth checking out.

Time to wake up to Electric Lunchbox!