Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Album Track Review: Music With Michal - Fireworks

As the weather warms up here Down Under, it's the perfect time to pop on this summer jam from Music with Michal. Taken from her latest release Summer Days, "Fireworksis a scintillating piece of atmospheric pop with one of the finest melodies you are ever likely to hear. The song also benefits from the welcome input of the Tiptoe Giants, who contribute some superb harmonies throughout. I suggest you keep an eye out for both these artists, because they are currently on an upward trajectory, and heading for the top.

The song begins with stirring keyboards that create the sense that something special is about to happen. The pulsating rhythm builds the tension, as several families who have gathered on the beach anticipate the onset of a spectacular scene. Surrounded by their loved ones, onlookers revel in the 'happy atmosphere' of this celebratory evening. As the fireworks shoot across the sky the chorus builds to an explosion of sound that delights the senses.

Just as you think the melodic component has run its course, we are then treated to another tuneful treat as we revel in 'wonder and delight', 'on this beautiful night’. The bridge then shifts gear in almost rap style, informing the listener to 'look up at the colourful skies' with a chant that is both infectious and uplifting. We are finally left with the chorus to see the song out, which it does in fine style, repeating the refrain with delicacy and finesse.

This song ticks all the boxes. It has superb lyrics, a magnificent tune, an ambitious arrangement, and fantastic production. All in all, an excellent song by an amazing artist who is currently setting the pace from her home town of Christchurch. I've already played this song numerous times, it is so intoxicating, you are guaranteed to feel good after hearing it.

Music With Michal - rocket to the top.