Friday, 8 July 2022

Video Review: Levity Beet - Fine Feathered Dinosaur

"Fine Feathered Dinosaur" is a recent release from the very talented Levity Beet, an award-winning artist from New Zealand, who has been making music for children and families since 2008. The song is super catchy, short, sweet and to the point, signing off in just under two minutes. 

The music video is equally impressive, and really brings the song to life. The idea behind the video is pretty simple, a happy dinosaur couple give birth to a baby dinosaur who then goes on to dance throughout the day making friends along the way. How can you not love a video like that?

The video also highlights the little known theory that 'many of the dinosaurs we once imagined as big scaly lizards actually had wild bright feathers'. Now I'm no expert when it comes to making videos, but I love the way this video captures your attention immediately. The colours are tasteful and inviting, and the animation courtesy of Dooverberry Dave is superbly executed.

Levity Beet is a very exciting artist whose reputation continues to grow, and on this form you should be hearing a lot of him in the future. He has released five albums to date, featuring a host of superb catchy songs for the kids to groove along to. 

Levity Beet - dinosaur boogie.