Sunday, 10 January 2021

Single Review: Mask It Up - Twinkle Time

Twinkle, also known as Alitzah Wiener, is an award winning Peruvian-American musician based in Los Angeles, California. "Mask It Up", is her latest single and it is an absolute classic. The song highlights the importance of wearing a mask, and does so in a light and original way. The music is incredibly catchy, and succeeds because it is highly melodic and easy to dance to. It also provides a unifying message, and does so with flair, zest and imagination.

The song comes straight out of the blocks, giving the listener hardly a moment to pause for breath, with music that is infectious and intoxicating, incorporating elements of both EDM and hip-hop. The vocal delivery is equally effective, with the artist spelling out the urgent need to 'protect my family and friends', and essentially 'do whatever it takes' to stay safe.  'Respect' is clearly 'what you get' from wearing a mask, which is presented here as being stylish, sensible and cool.  

The arrangement is excellent, with a hypnotic beat sparring with a subtle bass, providing additional warmth and flair to the track. The simplicity of the rhythm provides the required space for the guitar to float in and out, with a sound reminiscent of Carlos Alomar. I have no idea of Twinkle's influences, but if I was to take a punt, I'd say that Chic, Deee-Lite and Aretha Franklin may have been an inspiration at some stage.  

She has also put together a superb video, featuring Twinkle and friends honing their moves on the dance floor; all with masks firmly in place. It really is great fun, and the co-ordinated execution of the dance steps make Twinkle come across like a new age Madonna for kids. It's also impressive how she has managed to make a somewhat serious subject so engaging. This is a message that really needs to be heard, and the vitality of the presentation will no doubt ensure that it is.

This girl really has it all, she can sing, dance, and literally oozes charisma. She has clearly transcended the genre, with music that would be as equally suitable on the dance floor as it would be in the classroom. She has also managed to make a serious subject hugely entertaining, encouraging kids to "Mask It Up" through choice, and not coercion. In doing so, she has combined an infectious melody with a vital message of unification and hope. 

Twinkle Time - bringing cool back!