Thursday 13 January 2022

Flash Single Review: Allergies - Matt Heaton

Matt Heaton is a singer-songwriter from Boston, USA. and his latest single "Allergiesis both witty and brilliantly executed.  Here Don McLean meets Woody Guthrie at a Wiggle's concert, and the result is a song swimming in melody and lyrical precision. The musicianship is excellent throughout, with a pulsating bass and a shuffle beat providing a solid foundation for a lively fiddle to let rip. 

The music is lively, upbeat and even humorous at times, from an artist who clearly has an ear for both rhyme and melody. The lyrics unfold in a series of rhyming couplets describing a list of allergy induced ailments; all delivered in a fun and light-hearted manner. Although the arrangement is tightly compressed the song still finds the required space for the fiddle to intoxicate the ear in almost Dexys Midnight Runner's style.

The song features some sprightly guitar playing, and sublime lyrics, where Blakean images such as 'every rosebud has a thorn' add further impact to the song. The dichotomy created between the complexity of the rhythm and the clarity of the message shows a musician in complete control. The overall production of the song is also worth a mention, as the vocals are as clear as crystal, and every lyric easy to decipher.

The song is also featured on YouTube in a high-spirited video where tissues are pulled out of boxes, and alternative medication experimented with, as the musicians bravely play on. The video is a delight to watch, leaving the impression that all involved had heaps of fun in the process.

Matt Heaton is essentially a poet, who constructs witty lines with tremendous skill and imagination. His music resonates because he can paint a picture in full colour, and his jaunty laid back style is both warm and engaging. His back catalogue is crammed full of similarly appealing songs that would liven up any party. So, if you've not yet come across this prolific artist, do yourself a favour and get streaming.

Matt Heaton - rhythm and poetry.

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