Thursday, 24 September 2020

Video Review: I Am A Robot - Kymberly Stewart Music

Kymberly Stewart is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Her songs promote positive themes built around an eclectic mix of musical influences including jazz, gospel, hip-hop and soul. Her new video for her song "I Am A Robot" is hugely entertaining, and all you parents and teachers out there should check it out at your earliest opportunity.

The footage begins with a somewhat theatrical introduction, outlining all the fun that lies in store, which reminded me a little of Deee-Lite’s intro to “Groove Is In The Heart”. It is not long before the action starts, and as the song proceeds; there is no shortage of children willing and eager to participate.


The song arrangement is in the cumulative tradition, with the actions becoming more complex as the song progresses.  The track therefore, serves as a call to action with an ever-increasing number of moves required to perform along the way. It’s hysterical the way the children imitate these actions determined and undeterred throughout, despite how complex the sequence becomes.  


The video features some interesting computer graphics throughout, with robots spinning around the screen, and water appearing where the children are encouraged to swim. These effects however, are used tastefully, and don’t detract from the overall impact, but provide an additional narrative to further complement the video. 


The song also includes an interesting twist at the end where the robot’s batteries begin to drain, and the children slow down their movements accordingly.  We are ultimately left with the unfortunate demise of the robot, and... I’ll let you discover the rest for yourself.


Kymberly Stewart’s appeal lies in her authenticity, and her genuine passion for music, which is superbly captured in this video. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and the video highlights the way she effortlessly inspires everyone around her. The footage is humorous and engaging, and would provide suitable light relief for parents and teachers looking for something different to entertain the kids.


Kymberly Stewart's "I Am A Robot" – fun for all the family!

Please Note: There are two videos for "I Am A Robot", and this review refers to the new, updated version, which was uploaded on 27th June 2020. You can check out the original video on the Kymberly Stewart Music Channel on YouTube.

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