Monday, 7 September 2020

Single Review: Spring - Music with Michal

There really is some tremendous music coming out of New Zealand at the moment, and it doesn’t get any better than the new single “Spring” by singer-songwriter Michal Bush from Music With Michal. The single is taken from her debut album Can You Make Music?, which is released on 18th September. So, if you like the type of folky acoustic pop that made Joan Baez famous, you really need to check out this artist.


Spring” is one of fifteen tracks featured on the album, and is a delightful composition perfectly timed to greet the new season. The arrangement is clear and sparse throughout, with what sounds like two acoustic guitars sharing the chords and the melody line between them.  You can tell by the dexterity of the guitar picking that Michal clearly knows her way around the fret board.  The music paradoxically, seems to combine melancholy with joy, and does so in a way that cuts deeper than many traditional children’s songs.


The melodic beauty of the voice is only matched by the poetic charm of the lyrics, where she cleverly refers to the arrival of the new season like an old friend she hasn’t “seen for a while”.  She can whistle as well, with her dulcet tones mirroring the melody of the song very effectively. She’s in good company here, as both David Bowie and Bryan Ferry have demonstrated this technique on classic hits such as “Golden Years” and “Jealous Guy”.


The lyrics clearly capture the beauty of a spring day, and do so with simplicity of wordplay that even Wordsworth might appreciate. Despite the eloquent description of the new season, she still finds the lyrical space to include some action moves which are sure to be a big hit with the kids.  These include jumping clapping, spinning and shouting, performed with tremendous enthusiasm by a charming selection of children on her new video.


This song is an absolute gem, and delivered with supreme confidence from a very exciting artist.  Despite all the uncertainty surrounding the world at the moment, the song succeeds in piercing the darkness, serving to remind us of the role nature plays in providing restoration and healing.  The hypnotic effect of this song is all consuming, and is sure to add sparkle and zest to your day.  Furthermore, it creates a sense of well being that leads the listener to conclude that perhaps all is well with the world after all.


Music with Michal – breathing new life into the world around us. 

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